Friday, April 24, 2015


As with most things we do in our lives if we want to do better or get better at something, it’s all about consistency.  Physical therapy is no different than those passions and interests which drive us to improve in those facets of our lives.  With consistency, one will improve.  Sounds simple.  Harder to execute. 

Consistency with physical therapy treatment is key to making improvements when recovering from injury or helping to improve/return to the quality of life that enables each of us to enjoy it.  The consistency in care and the consistency in performing exercises as prescribed are vital to a good long term outcome.  Many patients fall short in fully committing to themselves and the process of proper physical therapy care.  It is human nature these days to want to be fixed “yesterday.”  Unfortunately, our bodies don’t return to normal in a day or a week most of the time.  Physical therapy is a process.  For many, it may take months to return to full function.  For a few, it may only take a few weeks.  With the right attitude and commitment, you will and can get better.  A half-hearted commitment, only to discontinue care after a few weeks, will not yield the results that you may want.  There are no miracle cures as much as we would like to think there are.  You only have one body, it’s best to take care of it so you can enjoy the better things in life!